EAP Issue 1 Broken TIFF images

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TIFF images will not open with any programme; need to identify these within batches (and possibly fix)
Detailed description TIFF images received from EAP projects will not open in any programme: we use the default Windows packages, Photoshop, Nero, and Irfanview.

Some examples: 
EAP121: DVD cloned to produce ISO image, TIFFs extracted from image, TIFFS will not open
EAP205: TIFFs will not open. We get the following error messages: "Unable to read file due to disc or network error"; "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document"

We need to Identify these images within large batches. It would be good to know what causes the issue/problem. It would also be good if we could fix the broken images.

Issue champion John Salter, Matt Ruane
Possible approaches What constitutes a valid TIFF? Then using benchmark to verify files against.
With what equipment / software was the original image created? Any known issues? 
File scanner - report filetypes within folder / on disc, report broken files, report files which do not meet certain criteria.

Could checks be made by the projects, in the field, before the images are sent in? They could then be re-checked once they arrive.
AQuA Solutions EAP File Verification
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