EAP Issue 6 Identify Missing or Out of sequence files

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One line summary The problem is that sometimes there are gaps in a numerical, alphabetical or alpha numerical naming sequence, and/or out-of-sequence files within a set of digital files.                                                                                                                       
Detailed description Projects creating digital files will either use a programme to name their files, or will do so manually. Sometimes problems occur with the sequences. For example, files will be mis-numbered or letters transposed. Sometimes this will be a simple human error. Or, it may indicate that an item has been copied twice, that items are missing, or that items have been mis-filed. We need to identify gaps or anomolies within folders of files that have been assigned sequential file names.

where file number 3 is missing and file 004 will be moved to the front of the sequence because it is missing a "0"

Another example:
Does CMS_002 belong here?

Issue champion John Salter, Matt Ruane
Possible approaches Pattern recognition within naming conventions

Context Content is provided by third party, files are often named manually, rather than in batch
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