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Institutional context
Institution type (eg. Library, Archive)
University Library.                                                                                                                
Storage and access
Where are collection masters stored (media, number of copies, backup, preservation system)?
JPEG, PDF and OCR XML stored on file system. Master images are discarded. Backup provided by iSolutions (University IT department).
Where is access to the collection provided from?
Currently accessible to end-users through the University LMS (Library Management System) in PDF format.
What technical protocol is used to access files? Local file systems? Windows shares? (SMB/CIFS)
HTTP for end-users and SMB windows share for administrators.
Describe your existing content workflow (in words, or with a diagram
We use the Goobi workflow application. The application has a plugin architecture that allows for the easy integration of third party command line tools. Common steps in the workflow are:
  • Bibliographic import
  • Image ingest
  • QA
  • OCR
  • Export (images, METS)
What tools are part of the existing workflow?
  • Bibliographic import (MARC file, MARC plain text, catalogue lookup, place holder ID). Can be extended.
  • Image ingest
  • Integrates Imagemagick
  • Structural metadata input interface
  • OCR client (integrated with our ABBYY Recognition Server 3 installation)
  • Exports METS
  • Can export to presentation layer
What technologies underly the existing workflow?
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Java Server Faces
  • MySQL
  • OpenLDAP
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Imagemagick
What challenges are present in the existing workflow? (technology, organisational, staffing)
The workflow application is new to UK so competence has had to be developed in-house.
Does the workflow include manual steps?
Image ingest and QA are currently manual steps. Image ingest can be automated where required.
Where in this content workflow would the prototype solution be deployed? The solution would be deployed directly after the scanning/image ingest stage.
What is the process for changing or enhancing the workflow? What obstacles to change are present?
This depends on the nature/extent of change. Including an automated QA tool for all new objects would require agreement of Project Manager and Workflow Administrator.
Who executes the existing workflow?
Scanner operators make use of the workflow.
Who adminsters the existing workflow?
Hardware is provided by our IT department. Server and software maintenance is outsourced. I carry out project workflow design and construction.
What system rights do the workflow executors have? Can they install software? Can they use the web?
Goobi is web-based so all users have web access. Scanner operators have various rights within Goobi. I have full rights to Goobi and root access to the server.
Who is the collection owner or curator? (section/department/team)
Project Manager/me
Is there a workflow champion, who is it?
Project Manager/me

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