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The following page sets out the groups main aims and the activities we will undertake to achieve them. Please feel free to contribute or make comments.


The overall aim of our work is to:

  • Provide guidance to institutions on how best to preserve document formats (focussing on PDF to start with)

Mind Map:

The latest plan is available to view online - requires free MindMup 2.0 app

  • Yellow cells are Milestones/Targets.
  • Orange cells are tasks in progress.
  • Green cells are completed tasks.
  • Grey cells are tasks to reach the target they are connected to.
  • Deep blue cells with the speech bubble icon are notes/comments/questions.

Ideas and Suggestions:

Ideas for Update

(Yvonne, just a few thougts to begin with) Most stuff is about JHOVE anyway. As the testing might be the task of the JHOVE product board (is it?), we might focus on JHOVE errors and documentation (as Somaya has done with the beginners-Guide). Testing and becnhmarking (like Johan and I have done as Blogposts) might be interesting, too. However, we should draw a line somewhere: Where does the JHOVE product board end and where does the DIG/user group begin?


Knowledge Improvement: Pete, I would find it nice to have some information about these formats that are usefull in terms of handling with files of this format. Like you told me via email recently that TIFFs do not have an EOF-tag, but just end if there are no more IFD's or a pointer goes into nowhere (which would be an invalid end-of-file / premature end-of-file) or I have tried at the beginning of my JPEG Blog. Maybe we could build some wiki pages and enhance / sort these information + put some links there as some webpages are pretty informative.

Workflows and Guides

In our German-speaking working group one of my workmates recently wrote a very cool "How to contribute to PRONOM"-guide for beginners. In general, nestor wants to become more active in terms of PRONOM. We have not published the guide yet, but this really must be around the corner. Maybe he'd translate it into English.


It's cool to have the first check mark :-). I like the ideas listed there.

Hack Days

  • Documentation themed day
    • People avoid using JHOVE as they don’t understand what to do, or what the errors mean
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