Agenda 19.10.2015

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Call / Agenda 19.10.2015


  • Becky McGuinness (OPF)
  • Klaus Rechert (University of Freiburg)
  • Tobias Steinke (DNB)
  • Euan Cochrane (Yale)
  • ... 


  • Purpose of this group 
    • Aims and goals of this group
      • Connect people working with emulation 
      • Provide a (semi-curated) technology overview (todo: ask IA and CMU to provide a short description of their development)
      • Provide a (semi-curated) research overview
      • Collect practical experiences and problems, workflows, use-cases, lessons learned, open issues
      • Emulators "Preservation Watch"
        • sustainable emulation 
      • Software Archiving (how? who does it? can we share?)
    • Who can participate, who do we want to participate
    • What is the OPFs role & goal
  • Collaboration & Workspace
    • Shared wiki (open to all members?)
    • Shared blog?
    • Twitter: emulation_ig is still available
  • Who else should be invited to contribute
    • Internet Archive
    • CMU / Olive
    • Johann (KBNL)
    • Peter (BL)
    • ... 
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