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Welcome to the wiki of the JP2K-UK working group.

This wiki brings together news, events, publications and solutions related to the use of JPEG2000 in the heritage sector.

The JP2K-UK working group members represent a range of organisations in the UK and internationally, including the Wellcome Library (host and sponsor of the group), the British Library, National Archives, Digital Preservation Coalition, several university libraries, and private companies/consultants. 

The aim of the group is to build a community of practitioners implementing or thinking of implementing JPEG2000, technical experts, and software developers, in order to improve collaboration and networking, sharing of ideas and solutions, and to increase the public profile of JPEG2000 as a preservation and access image format.

Outputs of the group, and discussions of the Wellcome Library's implementation - as well as others - are given in greater detail on the Wellcome Library's JPEG2000 blog. The JP2K-UK group is also associated with the JP2K Preservation Working Group (login required to view).

This wiki is public, but to contribute to it you will need to register.

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