Database Preservation MS Access

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Converting MS Access

MS SQL Import



Create new database

  • Task->Import Data

It starts a wizard:

  1. Select database product
  2. Select data source
  3. Use defaults
  4. Select tables to import
    1. Edit mappings if needed
  5. Eg. save as SSIS package
  6. Review import report and finish import

Youtube example guide

SQL checks


Row count

Show keys - primary - foreign keys

Convert to SIARDK

Create script to output the data from a single table as SIARDK XML

Tips quick start mto access the import wizard

  • Path to import wzard: c:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/100/DTS/Binn/DTSWizard.exe

SIARD Access Import


  • Binary file (C script and JavaScript code)
    • JavaScript to easy connect to MS products
    • bat script runnable with Java 32/64 bit switch to start SIARD Suite with selected Java
  • Documentation is part of the SourceForge project mentioned above.
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