FIDO Python workflow implementation tips

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FIDO does not (yet) have an API which can be called for implementation in workflow systems. Although there is a FIDO class which could be called after import of, it is not recommended to use it. This has to do with the fact the class was not designed to be instantiated from outside scripts.

This does not mean you can not integrate FIDO into your workflows. FIDO has a main() function which accepts the same parameters as the command line interface which you have to pass as a list. You also need to catch the STDOUT and STDERR streams from FIDO in order to do usefull things with them, otherwise FIDO will just happily print to the STDOUT and STDERR streams of the calling script.

Below are simple examples for integration into Python worklow applications.

Implementation when is on the same path as your

Implementation when is on a different path than your

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