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Welcome to the OPF Knowledge Base Wiki

The OPF wiki is here to gather knowledge relating to key issues in digital preservation and organise these to allow practitioners, developers and information specialists to better preserve digital heritage. This wiki welcomes contributions from every member of the community and provides a hosting space for many global projects. From practitioners, we welcome your use case scenarios and problems and hope to link these with solution providers. For developers, we not only hope to join you to practitioners in the community through online and face-to-face events, but also welcome your valuable solutions with advice on software development, project hosting and distribution. Gathering together communities and key knowledge allows information managers to make effective decisions for preserving our digital heritage. 

Contribute your requirements and solutions
Share your challenges and solutions with the community, and view the resulting record of digital preservation practice
Get involved with these collaborative digital preservation initiatives, including Q&A on Stack, the Atlas of Digital Damages and the OPF Format Corpus
Find preservation tools
Find tools for solving your digital preservation challenges in the OPF Tool Registry
Understand File Format Risks
File format risks you should be concerned about, and how to identify them in your content
Develop Software with the OPF
All you need to know about developing software with the OPF, with guidance on making your software effective, sustainable, maintainable and reusable
OPF Projects
Projects hosted by OPF, including: AQuA, SCAPE, SPRUCE and Preservation Health Check
OPF Events and Webinars
The latest OPF events and hackathons
Join the conversation
Blog, comment and exchange ideas on the main Open Preservation Foundation website

Key topics in digital preservation


Black and white images sourced from the Noun Project, including People image by T. Weber

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