Preparing for an OPF Hackathon

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This a check-list of things to prepare for an OPF Hackathon. 

  1. Consider which role you will play at the event - it's worth noting that you can wear more than one hat if you wish:
    1. Practitioners: you will bring with you a digital collection sample and champion it throughout the event. We will team you up with other experts to develop solutions for your content
    2. Developer: you will come armed with your best coding, scripting and command line skills and will be teamed up with Practitioners who need your help
  2. If you are playing the part of a Practitioner, you will need to bring with you a collection sample:
    1. Samples should ideally be between 10 and 10000 items
    2. Any variety of digital collection is of interest
    3. If you are aware of particular quality, management or sustainability issues that are worrying you, that will be a useful start but is not essential
    4. If you bring broken/imperfect content, make sure you bring some non-broken examples as well
    5. Bring your content on an external hard drive or memory stick to the event
    6. Prepare a 2 minute lightning talk on your collection, describing its key characteristics and highlighting any challenges you are interested in. We will explore, define and articulate some of these issues more deeply during the hackathon
    7. If *possible*, clear any IPR issues for your sample and we will make it available via the OPF website so that tool developers have test data they can work with. This is really useful.
  3. The results will be captured on the Open Planets Foundation git repository and wiki. If you want you can sign up for these in advance.
  4. Remember to bring your laptop! You must have one for the event!
  5. Don't forget to bring an overseas adapter if you are travelling internationally.
  6. Dress code: casual. 
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