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Please use the links below to add information about the datasets, issues and solutions you are working with. Please add labels to help people find them in the Digital Preservation and Data Curation Requirements and Solutions main page. Please include a 'PreservingPDF' label to group all of them from this event together.


These are the Datasets or collections that relate to specific preservation Issues which in turn (may) have Solutions developed for them. The Datasets are categorised by their media type.Click this link to create a new Dataset, then edit the italicised text.


These are the preservation or other business driven Issues that relate to a specific Dataset and may have one or more specific Solutions developed to solve them. The aim of an Issue page is to provide a detailed description of the preservation challenge and the requirements of the Issue Owner that will help to inform development of a Solution that solves the Issue.
Click this link to create a new Issue, then edit the italicised text.


These are Solutions that address specific Issues encountered in particular Datasets. Solutions are typically quite specific to a particular Issue and Dataset but many will have a wider application. For details of tools utilised in a Solution, either follow links from individual Solution pages or see the Tool Registry.
Click this link to create a new Solution, then edit the italicised text.

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