Program on Public Life administrative records and director email

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Program on Public Life at UNC-CH, records from work-computer of former director Ferrel Guillory and his email


Files from the hard drive of program director Ferrel Guillory. Mostly administrative records. Created by Guillory and possibly (likely) program staff. Part of a larger hybrid record group on program records. Obtained in 2010? 2009? Transferred to the archives on an external hard drive as a backup of the files the creator deemed "archival" (with help of archives staff/UNC's general records retention schedule). Not a forensic image. Email is in .PST file. Approx 7.5 GB (4 GB of program files, 3.5 GB of email). Extent of entire record group at the current time is probably around 6 linear feet.


Open, once PII is removed/redacted/appropriately restricted.

University Archives, UNC-CH

Dataset Location
UNC staff can access, contact Meg Tuomala

Dataset Champion
Meg Tuomala

Issues brainstorm

  • PII/sensitive info about program staff, Guillory, colleagues
  • Weeding/ de-dupe prob necessary
  • Access (esp to email archive)
  • What kind of stuff is in here? APPRAISAL
  • How will it fit in w/ the rest of the record group
  • Personal files and/or email mixed in

List of Issues
Apprasing OST file for restricted data

Parsing PST and OST email files for textual mining and searching

Identifying Aggregations of Duplicates in a Dataset

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