When the Weather is Uggianaqtuq

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When the Weather is Uggianaqtuq: Inuit observations of environmental change includes video clips, maps, photos. Files are .swf


The University of Colorado, Geography Department's Cartography Lab served as the design/production center. Jim Robb of Zia Designs and Shari Gearheard (Co-PI ELOKA and creator of Uggi) were involved.  Video clips, audio files, maps, photos.  Disk information is 615 MB.  Formats are Flash v.5 and Quicktime v3 need to be plugged in to read disk.  The disk is interactive.  One is supposed to be able to listen to and read subtitles of the interviews.


This dataset is free to anyone and can be accessed only from the CD-ROM. To receive a copy please contact the National Snow and Ice Data Center (nsidc.org) or the ELOKA website eloka-arctic.org. Copyright@Shari (Fox) Gearheard.  All rights reserved,  No part of this CD-ROM may be copied or reproduced in any way without the permission from the author.

National Snow and Ice Data Center/ELOKA

Dataset Location
nsidc.org or eloka-arctic.org

Dataset Champion

Heidi McCann

Issues brainstorm

  • disk will not play on modern types of software
  • want to take the materials off of the CD, restore them so they can be read as initially intended, and prepare them to be archived at NSIDC
  • Restore content so that it can be accessed as it was intended with its original functionality on a CD by anyone today
  • Restore the content so that it can be accessed as it was intended with its original functionality on a CD by anyone in the future and on future operating platforms and software packages
  • Want to put content in a format so that it can be accessed as it was intended with its original functionality, via a web site (password-protected, cannot download and or distribute pieces or parts of the interviews, etc.)

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Analysis  of Technical Issues

The overall system was usable, except for the being able to use run the interface to the disk; however the useful content (the interviews) are not usable

  • The problems with the data is that subtitles for videotaped interviews do not display.
  • The subtiles are embedded in a Quicktime MOV container as a Adobe/Macromedia Flash channel.
  • Apple disabled support for Flash in Quicktime MOV files due to security problems.  Subtitles can only render on version of Quicktime prior to 7.3.1.  
  • The subtitles appear to be inserted into the media in a single text box.  This has not been confirmed. 
  • Subtitles can be converted to bitmaps using an earlier version of Quicktime Pro. 
  • Versions of Quicktime of appropriate vintage can only run on MacOS X version prior to 10.5
  • Versions of Quicktime of an appropriate vintage can run on Windows XP, and possibly on later versions of windows. 
  • License keys for Quicktime Pro for windows appear to be different from those for Mac. 
Ideal Solution
  • Once the subtitles have been rendered as bitmaps, they can be converted to text, using either automatic or human transcription.
  • Once converted to text, the subtitle box can be removed from the movie, and the subtitles added as standard soft subs.
  • Timing the subtitles should ideally be done by a fluent speaker of the language.  If no speaker is available, sentence breaks can be used.  

List of Issues

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