Common validation error messages from PDF to PDFA conversion

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Common validation error messages from PDF to PDFA conversion
Detailed description The validation error messages found from two pieces of validation software when performed on the same [file:
From PDFBox Preflight:
Invalid font definition
Syntax Error: invalid float range in Number operand
Invalid color space...

From Adobe Preflight
CIDset in subset font is incomplete
Font not embedded
Syntax problem: Real value out of range (too high) (also commonly get the other extreme - too low)
Issue champion Jo Gilham 
Other interested parties

Possible Solution approaches Interested in seeing which conversion software can handle these errors when trying to convert to PDFA1b
Lessons Learned Different software produces similarly named errors which may or may not be equivalent
Datasets ADS Grey Literature Library
Solutions Fixes for some common PDF to PDFA conversion validation errors
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