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The pages below form a network of Datsets, preservation Issues with those Collections, Contextual information and Solutions to the Issues. Quads composed of a Dataset, Issue, Context and a Solution describe an end to end digital preservation challenge. This format was developed to capture the results of hackathon or mashup type events that were held as part of the AQuA Project and has subsequently been developed and used within the SCAPE Project and further hackathon events.

To add a new Dataset, Issue, Solution, or Scenario check out the following instructions: How to add a new Dataset, Issue, Solution or Scenario.

WARNING: There is a Confluence Wiki bug that sometimes causes problems with bulleted lists inside tables. If you're having trouble, don't use a list inside a table!

Last Event: Practical tools for digital preservation - A Hackathon, 27-29 September, York


These are the Datasets that relate to specific preservation Issues which in turn have Solutions developed for them.Click this link to create a new Dataset, then edit the italicised text.


These are the preservation or other business driven Issues that are found in particular Dataset and may have Solutions developed to solve them. Click this link to create a new Issue, then edit the italicised text.


These are the contextual requirements to a particular Issue and Solution. They will have implications for the design, embedding and use of the Solution. Click this link to create a new Context, then edit the italicised text.


These are Solutions that address Issues that relate to particular Datasets. Click this link to create a new Solution, then edit the italicised text.


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