Lovebytes Festival Media Archive

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Lovebytes Festival Media Archive
Description Lovebytes International Festival of Digital Art was established in Sheffield in 1994 with a mission to explore the cultural and creative impact of new technology and to provide a public platform for new work in digital art. The Lovebytes Festival Media Archive is a collection of media assets representing twenty years of Lovebytes’ activities which includes video and audio documentation of talks, presentations, workshops, installations, exhibitions and special events, alongside a collection of over 40 specially commissioned digital artworks including digital video, audio, paper publications, websites, software and interactive artworks. The main part of the archive is approximately 100hrs of DV PAL video (approximately 1.4 TB) a similar amount of digital audio recordings (approximately 600mb), 2,500 digital images currently stored on Flickr and archives of Lovebytes' annual websites from 1994 to 2012. There is also a comprehensive collection of printed publicity materials, including programmes and special publications including archive copies of specially commissioned DVD Video publications, CD ROM and Audio CDs. The majority of this material requires cataloguing.
Licensing Lovebytes holds digital rights to use the majority of this material. Searches are required for paper versions of existing copyright agreements to confirm this. Copyright of original artworks remains with the artist and Lovebytes holds licenses to distribute these universally in digital formats. Research is required to gain clearance for use of performance video/audio recordings.
Owner Lovebytes Ltd.
Dataset Location The archive is located at Lovebytes HQ in Sheffield. Sample content can be found online at and
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Issues brainstorm • Funding.
• Resources.
• IPR.
• Digital Migration and digitisation workflows maintaining integrity of files.
• Metadata extraction and inputting, identifying metadata analysis and accessibility tools.
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