PDF to PDF A Conversion

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PDF to PDF/A Conversion
Detailed description Shifting of text away from the centre for current PDF to PDF/A conversion
Do not know why there is this issue
A new free conversion tool running on Windows
Issue champion Anne Barrett Imperial College Archives and Corporate Records Unit

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Other interested parties
Matthew Bull Preservica
Jouke de Boer Department of Justice Netherlands
Carl Wilson Open Planets Foundation

Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets.
Possible Solution approaches Searching for and testing any open conversion tools

Brief brainstorm of possible approaches to solving the Issue. Each approach should be described in a single sentence as part of a bulleted list. Further detail can go in a dedicated Solution page.
Context Requirement to convert PDF documents to PDF/A for preservation

Details of the institutional context to the Issue.
Lessons Learned Notes on Lessons Learned from tackling this Issue that might be useful to inform digital preservation best practice .
Datasets Reference to the appropriate Dataset page, by hyperlink. Note that all Issues MUST be linked to at least one Dataset!
Solutions Reference to the appropriate Solution page(s), by hyperlink.
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