Web based emails

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Web based emails
Description The collection is a small number of test e-mails as the collections "real" e-mails are confidential. The test collection is placed in both a Gmail account and a Hotmail account.
Licensing Public domain.
Owner The Royal Library.
Dataset Location The dataset can be obtained by contacting the collection champion.
Collection Champion Claus Jensen, The Royal Library.
Issues brainstorm
  • It should be possible to automatically harvest emails from web based email accounts.
  • The system should scale as the number of users increase.
  • The system should be able to harvest only parts of a web based e-mail account.
  • It should be possible for the donors to start a e-mail harvesting (to the library) by passing their credentials (login and password) for their e-mail account to the system.
  • The file format of the harvested e-mails could be HTML or plain text. The attachments of the emails can be in their original format.
List of Issues Web based email "harvesting" (issue)
dataset dataset Delete
email email Delete
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