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The Widget Wishlist provides a home for preservation tools or widgets that we wish we had. These can be expanded into further detail by adding sub-pages to this page, or by expanding into a more detailed Dataset, Issue and Solution page. Add new wishes here.

Widget Wishlist (low hanging fruit)

 Please add further thoughts/detail to the list as appropriate.

Deferred Widget Wishlist

Items that are deemed too complex, challenging, costly or time consuming to address easily. These will be picked up in the second round of Widget Wishlist realisation.

  • Collection Policy Enforcer
    • Checks a set of files has the checksums, access permissions, sharing rights, etc that is should.
  • Risk/Policy Alerter
    • Validates content against known policy driven risks (eg. un-embedded fonts in PDFs) and/or checks for compliance with profiles for particular formats (eg. digitised TIFF masters should be LZW compression, single image per file, V6, etc)
  • File server that can unpack compound objects
    • A web interface to a collection, that allows safe read-only access, while also making it easy to open up compound objects like ZIP files, disk images, etc.
    • This is a bigger project, as it is a server app not a widget.
    • Many Planets tools are very close to this, although a Linux-based service would have access to the widest range of disk images.
  • Web-based tool to manage direct server to server file transfer (copying or moving of files)
    • this should minimize network congestion and maximize throughput by avoiding the need for a workstation to act as mediator in ftp transfers
  • Simple front-end making tool for editing XML
    • this would allow the creation of interfaces for editing restricted elements within xml docs, eg when the user simply needs to set a couple of parameters without having to wade deeply in the raw doc, potentially editing the wrong elements, etc. A resulting interface might look a bit like the Print Range section of the generic Print dialogue box, for example. This would obviate the need for users to have any knowledge/experience of xml. Failing that, someone availiable in the BL to knock up a front end or two as & when needed...
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