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  Preservation Procedure Policy: Reliability
Related Guidance Policy
Definition/ Description Reliability is “The trustworthiness of a record as a statement of fact. It exists when a record can stand for the fact it is about, and is established by examining the completeness of the records form, and the amount of control exercised on the process of its creation “  (Source: Alliance for Permanent Access) Often related to the archival community.
Why Establishing trust in the record keeping and archival processes
Risks Losing trust in the preserved object
Life cycle stage Appraise and select
Stakeholder Management: set requirements
Producer: will show meeting the requirements
Regulator: will do the actual checking
Collection Manager (non Shaman): support management from point of view related to the content to be preserved digital objects
Cross Reference Bit preservation, Functional Preservation (migration, emulation), Provenance
Examples Parliamentary Archives : “All preservation strategies will be fully documented via metadata and documentation that will be saved in the repository
The record must be a full and accurate representation of the business activity to which it attests. This requires the establishment of trust in the record keeping and archival processes used to manage the record throughout its lifecycle, and the continued ability to place the record within its operational context
Control Policy Possible control policies might be:
  • All preservation events MUST be recorded
  • Information on preservation events SHOULD use the PREMIS schema
  • Information on preservation event MUST include date undertaken, action and agent
Questions to foster discussions
  • How do you convince your users that the preserved objects are “reliable”?
  • What types of information about the digital object  does your user community expect  to have to enable them to trust the reliablility of the object
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