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  Preservation Procedure Policy: Audit preparations
Related Guidance Policy
Audit and Certification
Definition/ Description Several issues need to be clarified in the policies with relation to the audit. Which level of audit is an organization aiming for and which time line does an organization have in mind. An audit does not necessarily be related to all collections in an organization but might be focused on a specific part, for example only the objects that will be preserved for the long term, or to a specific collection, for example the webarchive of an organisation.
These aspects are also important for budgeting and planning purposes
Why It is important to make a general intention to be audited and to get certified more explicitly, for example make clear which part of the collections will be involved in an audit process and which collections are excluded
Risks Not following up the guidance policy of becoming audited and eventually certified, might lead to loss of trust in the organization
Life cycle stage Preservation Planning
Stakeholder Management:  will decide which collections will be in scope of an audit
Auditor: responsible for the audit process
Cross Reference
Control Policy To be able to achieve this objective, the control policies will be described in the sections relating to the specific activity, there isn’t anything specific to Audit and Certification per se.
Questions to foster discussions
  • Is it clear to everyone involved in preserving digital material which activities will be part of an audit program?
  • Is there a budget for audit planned and will the necessary staff be available?
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