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  Preservation Procedure Policy: Document Object creator /copyright holder
Related Guidance Policy
Definition/ Description The organisation should make sure that information about the digital object creator / copyright holder is recorded in the administrative metadata in order to prevent future mistakes or uncertainty concerning rights.
When the object creator is unknown the term orphan work is used_._ An orphan work is an object or collection where the object creator or copyright holder cannot be identified. This information should be in the administrative metadata in order to prevent future mistakes or uncertainty concerning rights. Examples of orphan works could be found in web archives or in old collections in libraries where the provenance of the digital object may be missing.
Why In order to be able to comply with copyright laws the organisation needs to keep track of digital object creator for all digital collections
Risks If the organisation does not keep track of object creator it may violate copy right laws and risk law suits.
Life cycle stage Description & Representation Information,  Preservation Planning, Create or receive Ingest
Stakeholder Management: needs to ensure that the organisation fulfil its legislative responsibilities
Operational Management, Technical Management and System Architect need to implement the necessary measures

Cross Reference Rights metadata
Examples Dartmouth College Library: “Intellectual Property: Dartmouth College Library is committed to providing access to digital materials while respecting and upholding the intellectual property rights of authors and obtaining prior consent when the creator’s identity is known. Rights management actions will be documented and rights information will be preserved with digital content.” Source:
Control Policy
  • Original Metadata creator field SHOULD be completed
Questions to foster discussions
  • Is information about the digital object creator known and recorded in your repository?
  • Does your organisation preserve orphan works?
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