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  Preservation Procedure Policy: Search facilities / resource discovery
Related Guidance Policy
Definition/ Description According to the  OAIS model page 1-11 the terminology used is “Finding Aid”  and  defined as “a type of Access Aid that allows a user to search for and identify Archival Information Packages of interest”.
Why The organisation should consider how Consumers might want to find the information in the repository. This is important as it will affect the design of, for example, indexes to support the search for unique identifiers, but also because it could either limit or support the needs of the Consumers.

Descriptive metadata, the use of Persistent Identifiers or local or domain specific identifiers will be important. If digital objects already have a persistent identifier before they enter the repository, it might be important to make the digital object accessible via this identifier.
Risks Not having a clear policy of how to make the digital information accessible, could lead to little or no use of digital collections in the repository
Life cycle stage Description & Representation Information, Community Watch and participation, Access, Use and Reuse
Stakeholder Management: responsible for the Designated Community
Collection Management (non SHAMAN): support management from point of view related to the content to preserve
Cross Reference Metadata
Examples Yale University Library Preservation Policy: “Access:
In preserving the accessibility of digital resources, the Library will: (…)Maintain the ability to locate the digital resource reliably.
Control Policy Examples might include:
  • Tools supporting access >= 1
  • Descriptive metadata MUST comply with minimum set of fields
  • All objects SHOULD have a persistent identifier
Questions to foster discussions
  • Does your organisation offer proper search facilities to the user community?
  • Does your organisation provide sufficient metadata to enable the user to find what he is looking for?
  • Does your organisation use persistent identifiers for all objects?
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