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BL Developer Platform

Platform-ID String   Platform BL 1
Platform description String   This is a VMWare ESXi cluster with 32 CPUs, 224GB RAM and ~27TB HDD.  It is currently configured to have 30 1CPU nodes; 1 manager, 1 namenode/jobtracker and 28 datanode/tasktrackers, each with 1CPU/6GB RAM/500GB HDD.
Number of nodes integer   29 (1 master/28 worker)
Total number of physical CPUs integer   2
CPU specs string   AMD Opteron(TM) Processor 6276
Total number of CPU-cores integer   32
Total amount of RAM in Gbytes
integer   224GB
average CPU-cores for nodes
integer   1
avarage RAM in Gbytes for nodes
integer   6GB
Operating System on nodes
String   Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
Storage system/layer String   HDFS on virtual disk.
Network layer between nodes String   Virtual network

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