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To install the component plugin in Taverna:

Go to menu item Advanced > Updates and plugins
Click on 'Find New Plugins'
Click 'Add update site'
    Site Name : SCAPE
    Site URL :
Select 'Component Taverna plugin 0.2.0'
Click 'Install'
Restart Taverna

To use components in a workflow:

Click 'Import new services' in the service panel
Select 'Component service'
Select Component registry 'myExperiment'
You should see two SCAPE component families, select one and click OK
The Service panel should now have an entry for that contains some example components.

To create new components:

Open a workflow in Taverna
Go to menu Components > Create component
Select the Component registry and the  Component Family (you may need to create a component family first)
Click OK
To annotate the component select Details > Semantic Annotations. You should see the annotations available for the selected workflow element.
Save the component (Components > Save component)
Any components you create should be added to the service panel automatically.

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