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Stanislav Barton, Internet Memory


1° Take list of Web Archive pages (1 URL given) and a list of web browsers (one reference and at least one on to compare with list)

2° Take screenshots (Selenium) for each web browser of each page
3° Visual comparison of screenshots (Marcalizer) between reference and to compare list
4° Produce the output result file (score of comparison - one pair per comparison)

Goal / Sub-goal:

  • Integration: parallelized solution works with similar performance figures as the single node approach

Communication of results via C3PO to SCOUT

Evaluation-Date DD/MM/YY 01/05/2013
Platform-ID string  
Dataset(s) string Pairs of URLs from IMF web archive
Workflow method string Python application wrapping and managing Selenium and the Marcalizer tool
Workflow(s) involved URL(s)
Tool(s) involved URL(s)
Link(s) to Scenario(s) URL(s)  

Evaluation points

Metric Baseline definition Baseline value Goal Evaluation 1 (01/05/2013)
TimeToTakeSnapshot Time to take snapshot (seconds) 0 0 2
TimeToCompare Time to compare snapshots using marcalizer (seconds) 0 0 2
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