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Per Møldrup-Dalum, Danish State and University Library

Evaluation points

Assessment of measurable points
Metric Description Metric baseline Metric goal 8/11/2012 28/5/2014
ThroughputGbytesPerHour Goal, objective, baseline notes 0.162
60 1.32 235.2
OrganisationalFit     true true true

Note: Metrics must be registered in the metrics catalogue

Motivation behind the metric goal

As in the previous evaluation from 8/11/2012, we still want to be able to run a characterisation on a complete snap-shot of the Danish TLD within weeks. Such a snap-shot harvest amounts to 25 TB. As can be seen from the above metrics, this goal has been achieved through the SCAPE project using SCAPE tools and methodology.

Technical details

Unfortunately this experiment and evaluation is done on test data that we are unable to make public. On top of that, the Hadoop module of Nanite that was used had local changes done on a development fork of the main Nanite project. All relevant changes will be pushed to the main Nanite project and any local improvements will be available in a separate fork.

The same restrictions as on the original data are imposed on the results of the experiment. This is due to URLs being present in the results and such data is subject to protection by our national privacy act.

Evaluation notes

The experiment and the development leading up to it is described in detail in the A Weekend With Nanite blog post on the Open Planet Foundation blog.

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