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User Story

As the owner of a large number of media files I would like to be able to evaluate the capabilities of tools that claim to characterise those media files to ensure that I can trust the tools, audit their use and change tools in the future if required.

User Requirements/Components

  1. We need a framework that can execute a given tool over a large number of media files
  2. We need to be able to compare and contrast the output of those tools
  3. We need to be able to provide a trust rating to a given tool/feature extracted to enable us to assess the quality of a given tool
  4. We need to be able to make this information available to preservation watch/planning services to enable them to make recommendations


Create experiments as child pages and they should appear automatically here

Developer Notes

This scenario would  be useful to generalize - compare outputs of any tools to assess that tool - along the lines of REF and file identification.

We have existing scenarios that address characterising media files. This scenario is really about the comparison of outputs and assessment of the quality of the tools.

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