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Antony Wilson - STFC


The IRO Builder has been used to extract data from the ISIS production data store. This includes all investigations where out of the embargo period as of 00:00:00 01/12/13 and all investigations that have a DOI. There are 1440682 triples with 151919 investigations.

The data were written to a ttl file which was then imported into FUSEKI and 4Store.


Test were carried out on two different triple stores.




The IRO GUI issues seven different SPARQL queries as the user navigates through the pages. Example queries have been extracted so that they can be used in a test program. Each query is run N times against FUSEKI and 4Store triple stores. The test program records the time for the queries and computes the mean values.

Requirements and Policies

Policy statements that relate to this experiment and any evaluation criteria taken from SCAPE metrics


Links to results of the experiment using the evaluation template.

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