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Using Eucalyptus instances often requires installation of many applications. Usually root image size is about 1GB. Often it is not enough and
it is necessary to extend root space.

1. To extend root space of the image you should have a Linux OS or VirtualBox ( if you use Windows.
2. Download image (e.g.
3. Create the space for the new image of necessary size (e.g. new.img file of size 4GB):
    dd if=/dev/zero of=new.img count=4096 bs=1024
    this step is very fast and creates a file of exactly the size you need
4. Copy old image to the new file:
    dd if=old.img of=new.img conv=notrunc
5. Associate new image with the loop device. Check if loop0 device is available.
    losetup /dev/loop0 new.img
6. Check a Linux second extended file system
    e2fsck -f /dev/loop0
7. Resize file sistem
    resize2fs /dev/loop0
8. Create new package:
    tar -czf new.tar.gz new.img folder1 folder2
9. Having a bigger root file system use image management guidelines to
bundle, upload and register image.

10.Use Eucalyptus instance starting guidelines to
start the new instance.

How to extend Eucalyptus instance root size

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