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The Catalogue of Preservation Policy elements will give a description of the second level of policies in the SCAPE Policy Framework: the preservation procedure policies.

These elements are derived from the Guidance policies and contain detailed information.

This Catalogue is intented to support organisations who are starting to develop their own preservation policies or want to revise them. Each policy element is based on the Policy Elements Template. This structure will help:

  • to identify the stakeholders in your organisation who should be involved
  • to identify for which life cycle stage the policy will be relevant
  • to relate the policy to a higher level and be consistent
  • to identify related areas that might influence the policy.
  • to foster internal discussion by using the suggested questions

Some examples of real life policies are also given, but you can find more examples of published preservation policies.

Your feedback and suggestions are very welcome, and you can use the Add Comment field at the end of the page for this.

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