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IS33 Enhanced migration of RAW to NeXus data
Detailed description desire to enhance the value of the dataset with additional information about an experiment that is not present in the basic data file, so as to enrich the dataset with representation information.
Scalability Challenge
Apart from the file size, volume of content challenges identified in IS29 for nexus files, the raw to nexus format migration tool can be customised to take into account of various other types of experiment data files in the process of the migration. However, the scalability challenge here is that for different instrument (specific to each facility), the other types of experiment data files vary signficantly. This makes it difficult to efficiently migrate large quantity of complex raw data files systematically.
Issue champion Erica Yang (STFC)
Other interested parties
Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets. Identify the party with a link to their contact page on the SCAPE Sharepoint site, as well as identifying their institution in brackets. Eg: Schlarb Sven (ONB)
Possible Solution approaches push the additional information into metadata fields of a nexus file
Datasets nexus data files, ICAT catalogue data
Solutions Reference to the appropriate Solution page(s), by hyperlink
Evaluation Objectives Not applicable for the 1st and 2nd SCAPE years
Actual evaluations links to acutual evaluations of this Issue/Scenario
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