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Description Raw data: data files captured from the instruments, they are typically in two formats: raw and NeXus.
These are data files captured straight from instruments. They contain measurements collected from instrument detectors. There is no typical size or number of a detector that an instrument has. For example, for STFC ISIS facility, the number of detector  ranges from several thousands to a quarter of a million. The typical format of these files are raw or NeXus. The later is an international standard for neutron and synchrotron communities. The former is facility specific: many historic data files are in this format. Increasingly, NeXus format is being adopted as the standard format for instrument data. 
Licensing See the STFC Data Policy for the SCAPE project
Owner Research investigators, then, when the data becomes public, it will be owned by the public.
Dataset Location Raw and catalogue data availability:

Collection expert Catherine Jones (STFC)
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