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Camera raw file images
Description ~500 Canon Raw images used to capture colour balance etc, for a mass digitisation project
Licensing No restrictions
Owner BL
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Issues brainstorm Raw files can pose rendering/preservation risks
List of Issues


IS40 Complexity of Camera raw files
Detailed description Camera raw images are captured to record the colour balance setup as part of mass digitisation projects, eg in the Canon Raw format. They contain critical representation information that must effectively be preserved. However, camera raw formats are typically complex and proprietary, making preservation a challenge. 
Scalability Challenge
The primary scalability challenge is associated with complexity of proprietary formats.
Issue champion --
Other interested parties
Possible Solution approaches Migration of the raw files to Adobe DNG with appropriate quality assurance.
Identify required RI; extract and store as metadata with migrated objects
Lessons Learned
Training Needs  
Datasets Camera raw file images
Solutions SO26 Automated RAW to DNG migration+QA


Objectives Which scape objectives does this issues and a future solution relate to? e.g. scaleability, rubustness, reliability, coverage, preciseness, automation
Success criteria Describe the success criteria for solving this issue - what are you able to do? - what does the world look like?
Automatic measures What automated measures would you like the solution to give to evaluate the solution for this specific issue? which measures are important?
If possible specify very specific measures and your goal - e.g.
 * process 50 documents per second
 * handle 80Gb files without crashing
 * identify 99.5% of the content correctly
Manual assessment Apart from automated measures that you would like to get do you foresee any necessary manual assessment to evaluate the solution of this issue?
If possible specify measures and your goal - e.g.
 * Solution installable with basic linux system administration skills
 * User interface understandable by non developer curators
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Title SO26 Automated RAW to DNG migration+QA
Detailed description From the conclusions of the linked article:

We developed ... "an automated preservation experiment on born-digital raw photographs that combined controlled experimentation, integration of existing metadata extraction and image comparison tools, and implementations of state of the art image comparison algorithms. In the case of photographs, metrics and algorithms exist to validate conversion processes, but a direct comparison of the artifacts resulting from preservation actions to the original content is not possible. Hence, we rely on perceptual-level QA to validate conversions..."
Detailed description in Stephan Bauer and Christoph Becker. Automated Preservation: The Case of Digital Raw Photographs.
In: International Conference on Asia-Pacific Digital Libraries (ICADL'11). October 2011, Beijing, China

The primary goal of developing this is to understand how to automate planning experiments. Currently it is being converted into a Taverna workflow combining action, characterisation and QA that we will be able to share soon.
Solution Champion
Christoph Becker
Corresponding Issue(s)
SO26 Automated RAW to DNG migration+QA
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