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William Palmer, BL (william (.) palmer (@)) bl (.) uk)

User Story

As a curator of image files, I need a digital preservation system that can migrate a large number of images from one format to another, ensuring that the migrated images conform to our institutional profile, that no image data is lost and that the migration is cost effective (saving storage for example).

User Requirements

  1. We need to be able to migrate TIFFs to JP2Ks
    1. Ideally we can migrate TIFF to a JP2K conforming to any profile within the limits of the JP2K standard
    2. Migration must support the recommended JP2K profile
  2. We need to compare a JP2K image file technical metadata and profile to the recommended profile.
  3. We need to ensure that the JP2K contains all of the image data
  4. We need to ensure that the JP2K is a good and complete copy of the TIFF
  5. We need to be able to report on the storage saving and perhaps cost benefit of doing this


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Data: JISC newspapers - possibility to share (non-public)
Workflow: Yes

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