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Catherine Jones, STFC

User Story

As the content holder/manager of scientific data held in a local format, i wish to migrate this data into a domain standard format to reduce the risks of losing the ability to read/use and reuse the data contained within the file format.

User Requirements/Components

A tool/suite of tools to migrate from the local format to the domain standard. This would have the following functionality

  • The ability to identify the local format files (main file and associated log files)
  • The ability to identify the type of instrument (schema changes depending on instrument)
  • The ability to migrate the data
  • The ability to do quality assurance, both structural and semantic


Create experiments as child pages and they should appear automatically here

Migrate raw to NeXuS format (AD)
Data: STFC raw files & associated metadata/logs. Some may be sharable - TBD.
Workflow: Yes - incorporates all the elements.
Issues: NeXuS format can point to external files - need to consider raw to NeXuS in the event of these external links being used.

Developer Notes

Space for discussion, suggested solutions, links to other scenarios, etc.

Related Documents

Scenarios, case studies, etc. that provide background to this story.

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