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Frank Asseg, frank.asseg(at)


The same random dataset as for the test with Fedora 4 have been used: 50 x 1MB Random data, 3 JCR nodes werden pro 1MB file


We used the local cluster at FIZ Karlsruhe


No real workflow here: deploy Modeshape on the Cluster and run the ingests test with the benchtool.

Evaluations Summary

Modeshape 3.7.1 - Local Cluster on two linux boxes

The result on a single node:
16:00:39  INFO  Benchmark finished.
16:00:39  INFO  ----------Overall results-------
16:00:39  INFO  Overall throughput 13.58 mb/sec
16:00:39  INFO  Overall size 50.0 MB
16:00:39  INFO  Overall duration 3.68 secs

Using a second modeshape node the performance drops significantly

16:03:15  INFO  Benchmark finished.
16:03:15  INFO  ----------Overall results-------
16:03:15  INFO  Overall throughput 0.54 mb/sec
16:03:15  INFO  Overall size 50.0 MB
16:03:15  INFO  Overall duration 92.76 secs

this result matches with the performance measured with Fedora 4.

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