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  2. Log in to the OPF website: or register for an account at:
  3. Select 'post a blog' from the top right hand corner
  4. Write your blog post
  5. Add images if relevant
  6. Select 'SCAPE' and any other relevant tags from the Preservation Topics drop-down menu
  7. Click 'Save as draft' so we can stagger the publishing (We don't want to publish all the blogs at the same time!)
  8. Indicate that your blog is complete in the table below
First Name Last Name Organisation Title/Description                                                          
Alan Akbik TU Berlin Web-Scale Knowledge for Digital Preservation Decisions
Asger Askov Blekinge State and University Library 1. Speed and precision of Droid, Fido and Tika on the govdocs1 corpus
2. SCM systems as backing for a digital repository
1. Yes 
2. No
1. No
2. No
Frank Asseg FIZ Implementing OPM for the fedora-commons repository No No
Finn Bacall University of Manchester      
Christoph Becker Vienna University of Technology Planning and Watch in SCAPE
Rui Castro KEEP SOLUTIONS      
Kresimir Duretec TU Wien Information gathering in the Watch component
Luis Faria KEEP SOLUTIONS Watch Component Design Y Y
Miguel Ferreira KEEP SOLUTIONS Sustainability and adoption of preservation tools Y Y
Roman Graf AIT A prototype image comparison tool for QA tasks in SCAPE project Y Y
Matthias Hahn FIZ Karlsruhe Integrating things
Andrew Jackson The British Library      
Peter May The British Library Benefits of Collaboration Y Y
Rebecca McGuinness OPF      
Per Møldrup-Dalum State and University Library Statsbiblioteket using Javascript Infoviz Toolkit for visualisation in Taverna workflows no  
Clemens Neudecker National Library of the Netherlands      
Petar Petrov TUW To fits or not to fits? Y N
Markus Raditsch Austrian National Library Web Archive characterization at a workshop Y N
José Carlos Ramalho KEEPS      
Martin Schenck TU Berlin Speed up your workflow
Cluster computing: accelerate Taverna
Alexander Schindler Austrian Institue of Technology      
Sven Schlarb Austrian National Library   Y Y
Rainer Schmidt AIT Austrian Institute of Technology      
Arif Shaon STFC      
Nir Sherwinter Exlibris How SCAPE will contribute to us, how SCAPE can benefit from us and why others should follow SCAPE Y
Barbara Sierman KB National Library of the Netherlands Let the imagination work Y Y
Hélder Silva KEEP SOLUTIONS Action Services: what has been done so far Y N
David Tarrant University of Southampton      
Ivan Vujic Microsoft XPS basic info about structure, MS Azure Private Cloud, Performance
of SharePoint Word Automation Services, MSR Plans
No No
Paul Wheatley The British Library High level overview of what we did at this workshop
Carl Wilson The British Library      
David Withers University of Manchester      
Erica Yang STFC Characterising A Scientific Data Archive
No No
Catherine Jones STFC Science Data testbed: first thoughts & results from 1st year Yes Yes
Catherine Jones STFC Thoughts on the raw2nexus elevator pitch N N
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