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List of assets that can be used for possible training scenarios. Note that this list does not include all tools that PC is generally dealing with, but only those tools that we might use in training scenarios.

Asset Component Type
Possible training scenarios
MarcAlizer (Web QA) Quality Assurance Marc Law
Debian packaging
  David Tarrant
Characterisation Johan van der Knijff
  • Run Jpylyzer on samples
  • Create quality assurance workflow using jpylyzer and Schematron profiles
Jpylyzer User Manual
Automated assessment of JP2 against a technical profile (OPF blog)
Identification (Tika, Droid)
Characterisation Markus Raditsch
Peter May
  • Running Tika
  • Wrapping Tika - Tika API
  • Tika Batch Processing
  • Tika over (W)ARC files
  • Demo the TIKA Taverna workflow (as an intro) - then demo the Hadoop version (using map/reduce and TIKA API) - compare results - compare performance - show implementation details (code, tools, infrastructure).
TIKA workflows: find some documentation as links in the scenarios column.
Wrapped Services
Rui Castro
  • Install packages with tools already available
  • Create a toolspec
  • Use toolwrapper to create a Debian package from a toolspec
  • Run simple workflow that uses packaged tool
How to install and use existing tools
Toolwapper documentation
xcorrSound (Audio QA) Quality Assurance
Asger Askov-Blekinge
JPEG2000 Migration
Action/Quality Assurance
Sven Schlarb
  • JPEG2000 Migration including quality assurance
Quality Assurance
Roman Graf
  • Duplicate search in document image collection
  • Image comparison
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