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This document is still in progress.

Service Catalogue currently supports storing descriptions of WSDL and REST services, which seems to be sufficient for project partners.

There was a requirement to store toolspecs/command line tool descriptions in the Catalogue. This may be outside the scope of the project as the project proposal only mentions a catalogue of Web services - needs to be investigated.

It has also been discussed to wrap/make all command line tools available as REST Web services; thus there may not be the need for extending the Catalogue's functionality.

The Service Catalogue has been packaged as a VirtualBox VM and made available at

Login with OpenID or delegating authentication to Apache (Andrew Jackson)

Could we avoid having yet another user name and registration for users? Could we support other login protocols like OpenID, or delegating the authentication to Apache (in which case we could authenticate against the OPF labs server)?

Discussed at All-Staff Meeting - This is not a requirement but an offer to use the single sign-on provided by OPF

Programmatic search for services in the Catalogue that can deal with a particular file format (KEEPS)

Given a particular file on the Web (e.g. a docx), search the Catalogue and find services (using tags and annotations?) that can process this file format and perhaps invoke the service as well.

Discussed at All-Staff Meeting - UNIMAN think that this capability is already supported by the REST API - will investigate.

Support additional metadata fields (KEEPS)

This is probably related with the previous requirement. We would like to describe Migration Services with two additional fields, namely: sourceFormats and targetFormats.

These fields would allow us to quickly find the appropriate migration service. BTW, this is only relevant for migration services, though... 

Discussed at All-Staff Meeting - UNIMAN to investigate how this requirement can be implemented.

see also:   PW Requirements for Platform - Search for components based on metadata

Revise the classification vocabularies (KEEPS)

The ones we can find now are based on the BioCatalogue. They need to be changed to support SCAPE and DP concepts.

Discussed at All-Staff Meeting - Christoph Becker to define classification vocabulary for SCAPE services.


  • Preservation Action
    • Migration
  • Characterization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Auxiliary Tools
    • Reporting
    • Conversion (conversions not suited as preservation action, but e.g. as part of QA)
still in progress

REST API to insert new data (KEEPS)

Please provide some documentation on how to populate the catalogue using a REST API. That will ease the deployment of hundreds of services, as we actually have!

Discussed at All-Staff Meeting - this is supported by the REST API but is not documented - UNIMAN to document the API.

Application Identification (Rainer Schmidt)

For ensuring interoperability across different execution Platforms (local, Web services, Platform) it would be desirable to identify the software that is provided by a particular services. As we are planning to identify and deploy software components using a packaging model, we will need a metadata entry that can be used to point to a package repository where the software is available (e.g. the Debian repository at OPF). This mechanism might be sufficient to satisfy the requirement for registering command-line applications with the catalalogue, as mentioned above.

Discussed at All-Staff Meeting - This appears to be covered by the additional metadata fields requirement.

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