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Taverna Workbench is an open source and domain-independent Workflow Management System – a tool used to design and execute scientific workflows. Workflows are directed graphs of linked components/services that enable users to define complex analysis and data pipelines and automate often repetitive processing.

Taverna provides users with a high-level graphical environment for designing workflows by drag and dropping components into a workflow diagram. Workflow is simply an arrangement of nodes connected by directed wires. Each piece of data flows through the wires from one component to the next. Components consume the data and output some other data for the next component in the workflow to consume. In this way, users can specify what a workflow is set to achieve without worrying how it will be executed or how each component is implemented.

An example of a simple workflow is shown in the image below.

Download and installation

The Taverna Workbench can be downloaded from the Taverna Web site. Installation instructions are included in the download page.


The best source of information is the Taverna Web site.

You can learn more about Taverna from the Taverna introduction.

User documentation and quick start guides for creating your first workflows are in the documentation section. In this section you will find (among other things):

Developer documentation is available from the developers section of the Taverna Web site. Here you can find links to Taverna API, nightly builds, source code, developers guide (e.g. if you want to develop a plugin for Taverna), issue tracker and other technical documentation.

Contact the Taverna Team

If you are having any problems with Taverna, e-mail support is available through [email protected].

Members of the team can also be contacted via our two mailing lists:

  • taverna-users list is intended for everyone who are using Taverna – you may post a problem that you are having there or give us feedback on your use of Taverna.
  • taverna-hackers list is more technical and intended for those actively developing Taverna, to record problems, design decisions and general code and architecture prodding.
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