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Paweł Kominek, Michał Kozak, Aleksander Stroiński, Tomasz Parkoła


The medical dataset for this experiment comes from the overall WCPT dataset described here:

Purpose of this experiment

The main goal of this experiment is to test performance of the search functionality build-in into the MDC portal. The statistics should show how many concurrent users can use MDC portal.


PSNC Hadoop Platform (


The following steps compose the search functionality in the MDC portal:

  1. Request from the user (search in the MDC portal)
  2. Search request interpretation and lookup in the Hadoop cluster for the best matches
  3. Creation of the response, including data retrieval from HBase/HDFS
  4. Response to the user with the search results

Requirements and Policies

The experiment should test only a single instance of MDC portal (e.g. no load balancing should be used).


Links to results of the experiment using the evaluation template.

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