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Platform IMF 1

Platform-ID String IMF Cluster Unique string that identifies this specific platform.
Use the platform name
Platform description String Cloudera CDH3u2.
3 dual-core low consumption nodes
Human readable description of the platform. Where is it located, contact info, etc.
Number of nodes integer 3
Number of hosts involved - could be both physical hosts as well as virtual hosts
Total number of physical CPUs integer 3
Number of CPU's involved
CPU specs string Dual core AMD G-T56N on 1600MHz Specification of CPUs
Total number of CPU-cores integer 6 Cores (3 * 2 Cores) Number of CPU-cores involved
Total amount of RAM in Gbytes
integer 24GB (3 * 8GB) Total amount of RAM on all nodes
average CPU-cores for nodes
integer 2
Number of CPU-cores in average across all nodes
avarage RAM in Gbytes for nodes
integer 8
Amount of memory in average across all nodes
Operating System on nodes
String Debian 6 squeeze (64bit) Linux (specific distribution), Windows (specific distribution), other?
Storage system/layer String HDFS NFS, HDFS, local files, ?
Network layer between nodes String Local copy between two nodes : 80 MB/s 640 Mbps Speed of network interfaces, general network speed

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