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 Catherine Jones, STFC

User Story

As a content holder/manager of research data I wish to collect together other objects/links to other objects relating to the data object which will enable the data object to remain useable/reusable over the long term.

User Requirements/Components

A tool/suite of tools to enable this collection of objects/object and links to remain usable.  Tools identified in the Action service MS50 White paper were

IRO Builder Create the initial Investigation Research Object
Data Journal functionality Enable the IROs to be displayed and discovered
Metadata publisher Automated ways of discovering the IROs
RO Validator The ability to ensure that the IRO is valid and contains valid information
Representation Information Annotator The ability to augment, in a preservation effective way, links to other objects outside the infrastructure of the experimental data


Create experiments as child pages and they should appear automatically here


Developer Notes

Space for discussion, suggested solutions, links to other scenarios, etc.

Related Documents

Scenarios, case studies, etc. that provide background to this story.

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