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This page lists performance metrics, i.e. properties of processes that we may wish to measure. It is intended to make the definitions of these properties clear so that different agents can use the data reliably.

See also the PLANETS property definitions, which provide a similar starting point:

Name Description Data Type Units Identifier Comment
Wall clock time The elapsed time, as would be measured by a clock on the wall. xsd:double seconds planets:service/exec/wallclock

(see here)

see D14.1 (aligned with SQUARE quality attributes)
cpu time Processing time used by the CPU, measured in milliseconds. xsd:integer millisecond action:/performanceEfficiency/timeBehaviour/cpuTime one could define this as the cpu time used by the process, or as the cpu time used by the process and any children (doable on *nix with top, for example).
if this is defined in the first way, we would need another attribute for the second interpretation since this  is more relevant.
peak memory
Peak memory used during processing
for Java and comparable processes, one could distinguish between measures outside the VM and inside the VM, but it is really easier to see this as the same attribute, just a different measurement method. This counts mosrly for memory, since JVM startup time is constant, but reserved memory is dependent on the call parameters
average memory
Average memory used during processing
used memory share
Percentage of reserved memory actually used
(mostly relevant for Java processes, if at all)
average load
Processing load on machine during execution
  this isnt a process measure, of course, but an interesting context measure that for example can be delivered using top
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  1. Jan 27, 2012

    We are adding some metrics. The assumption is that we are referring to ONE process running ONE object, so that with knowing the properties of the file, you can compute stuff such as throughput, performance per MB etc.

  2. Jan 27, 2012

    minimee measures these attributes for some platforms (see

    Of course, you want to relate the measures to each object to properly aggregate and analyse them over large experiments