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Bjarne Andersen (SB) - [email protected]

User Story

As a memory institution I would very much like to ensure that Im not the only institution holding specific file formats - spreading the risk in case of lack of migration-tools etc.

User Requirements/Components

Need a watch/monitor tool that based on collection profiles for as many repositories as possible can and will tell me when the number of repositories holding a specific format (ID) falls below a defined threshold

  • SCOUT ought to be able to do this job
  • A critical element is to have as many repositories as possible connected to SCOUT


Create experiments as child pages and they should appear automatically here

Data: All repos?
Workflow: No.

  • Need to consider how we hook to SCOUT. We do not currently have enough understanding of what is required for this.
  • Requires a repository that can be profiled (negotiate access to production repositories?)

SCOUT adaptors for different repositories is on the agenda for the final SCAPE developers workshop. It is however not in time to be incorporated in the testbed experiments. We hope it will be taken up subsequently.

Developer Notes

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