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SB Video File Ingest Platform

Platform-ID String SB Video File Ingest Platform Unique string that identifies this specific platform.
Use the platform name
Platform description String The Video File Ingest Platform at SB includes a central server (antares) which runs the ingest workflow. The central server has access to the scratch NAS/SAN, where the files are stored during ingest, and to 4-6 different servers running services used in the ingest workflow. The workflow itself is not distributed. It runs on the central server, which is described here.
Human readable description of the platform. Where is it located, contact info, etc.
Number of nodes integer 1 Number of hosts involved - could be both physical hosts as well as virtual hosts
Total number of physical CPUs integer 8
Number of CPU's involved
CPU specs string Intel® Xeon® Processor X5355 (8M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)
Specification of CPUs
Total number of CPU-cores integer 32 Number of CPU-cores involved
Total amount of RAM in Gbytes
integer 32 Total amount of RAM on all nodes
average CPU-cores for nodes
integer 32 Number of CPU-cores in average across all nodes
avarage RAM in Gbytes for nodes
integer 32 Amount of memory in average across all nodes
Operating System on nodes
String Linux (CentOS release 6.3 (Final)) Linux (specific distribution), Windows (specific distribution), other?
Storage system/layer String NAS/SAN + NFS
NFS, HDFS, local files, ?
Network layer between nodes String 3* 1 gbit network. One for download, One to storage (fibrechannel). One to certain services on other internal servers (ethernet).
Speed of network interfaces, general network speed
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