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SCAPE Stories

Task 8 of each of the testbeds, while worded slightly differently, all suggest that the SCAPE scenarios created by the testbeds should be refined. We can use this Task as an opportunity to streamline these scenarios to help them fulfill their original purpose as requirements statements to the rest of the project and especially the Preservation Components Sub-Project.

Here we present one way forward, that distils existing scenarios into (to borrow a term from the Agile world) User Stories - a short and succinct high-level statement of the preservation issue encountered by a partner institution - and Experiments - a unit of work that combines a dataset, one or more preservation components, a workflow and a processing platform that can be used to evaluate SCAPE technology and provide evidence of scalable processing.

Web Content Testbed

Story Status
ARC to WARC Migration Paused since 01.08.2013
Active since 15.01.2014
Sven Schlarb
Comparison of Web Snapshots Active
Leila Medjkoune
File Format Identification and Characterisation of Web Archives Active
Sven Schlarb

Large Scale Digital Repositories Testbed

Story Status Contact
Characterisation of Large Audio and Video Files on standby Rune Nielsen
Large Scale Audio Migration Active
Bolette Jurik
Large Scale Image Migration Active
William Palmer
Large Scale Ingest Active
Sven Schlarb
Policy-Driven Identification of Preservation Risks in Electronic Document Formats Active William Palmer
Quality Assurance of Digitized Books Paused since 01.08.2013 Sven Schlarb
Repository Profiling Paused since 01.08.2013 Rune Nielsen
Validation of Archival Content Against an Institutional Policy Active Bolette Jurik

Research Datasets Testbed

Data Centres

Large-scale video processing and interlinking 
Pavel Smrz
Medical Dataset
Tomasz Parkoła
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