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As an addition to the IMPACT/Taverna hackathon, to be held in Manchester, UK, 14-15th November 2011, the Day 3 (16th November) will be dedicated to SCAPE-only issues.

Details for Days 1 and 2 of the hackathon can be found at:


  • David Withers (UNIMAN) - Taverna developer
  • Alex Nenadic (UNIMAN) - Taverna developer
  • Rainer Schmidt (AIT)
  • Roman Graf (AIT)
  • Sven Schlarb (ONB)
  • Markus Raditsch (ONB)
  • Erica Yang (STFC)
  • Shaon Arif (STFC)
  • Møldrup-Dalum Per (SB)
  • Blekinge, Asger Askov (SB)
  • Jackson Andrew (BL)
  • Carl Wilson (BL)
  • Peter May (BL)
  • Stanislav Barton (IMF)
  • Markus Plangg (TUW)
  • Alan Akbik (TUB)
  • Martin Schenck (TUB)


Introduction to Toolspec; Integrate existing tools using Toolwrapper (jasper); Discussion: limitations/possible improvements
Excercise: Create migration workflow with subsequent characterisation Select and test basic components; Create composite workflow; Upload workflow to myExperiment ; Discussion: How to provide basic Taverna workflows for web service operations?
Platform integration
Consolidate Toolspec; Required extensions (for deployment, Hadoop integration, ...); Requirements for Taverna 
14:00-15:00 Repositories Discuss using Ref ( for storing RDF triples and WebDAV for binary data; Brainstorming about main measurement results to be stored in the repository; Reporting (e.g. Apache POI or other reporting frameworks) 
Application scenarios
Review scenarios we have so far and issues with the focus on the applicability of Taverna solution; What can be improved?

Parallel session:

Platform meeting
How people see the Platform - using vanilla MapReduce or TUB's Nephele?; What is TUB's timescale?; What is required from the Taverna team and how to translate Taverna workflows into MapReduce/Nephele?


The Day 3 of the workshop (i.e. the SCAPE-Taverna hackathon) will take place in the Access Grid room (room 1.10) in the Kilburn Building, Oxford Road, University of Manchester, M13 9PL.

Note that Days 1 and 2 of the workshop are held in different rooms - Atlas 1 and Atlas 2. The Access Grid room (room 1.10) is next to room 1.17, which is the room where the Taverna team is located - feel free to knock on the door if you are lost and someone will come and get you and show you around.

The Kilburn Building is number 39 on the Campus map (city centre map is included as well):

Information on travel is available from the University of Manchester Web site (also see the section below):

Getting here

The Kilburn Building is located in the Oxford Road area of the University of Manchester campus (see the campus map above).

There are two types of taxi in the UK: Black "London" taxis (black cabs, not always black!) and Private Hire cars. Black cabs are slightly more expensive than Private Hire cars but are the only type of taxi that can be flagged down on the street. Private Hire cars must be booked in advance.

By air:
A taxi from the airport to the campus will now likely cost more than the suggested £15 due to fuel costs. The taxi rank is only for Black cabs but some (maybe all) Manchester Airport terminals now have a Private Hire booking kiosk where you can book and pre-pay for a Private Hire car.
You can also get a train from the airport to Manchester central train stations - Manchester Piccadilly and Manchester Oxford Road (which are the closest to the venue).

By train:
Note that a train ticket to Manchester is valid for travel between Manchester central stations as well, so you can change at Piccadilly station to get to Oxford Road station (1 stop) without charge.

By car:


Ibis Hotel, Charles Street
Generally good comments for this hotel and prices are reasonable.

Holiday Inn Express, Oxford Road
This is relatively new so we have yet to have a guest stay here but prices seem reasonable.,United+Kingdom&sicreative=5986174931&sicontent=0&sitrackingid=10740464&cm_mmc=Google-PS-E

Manchester Business School, Booth Street West
Closest of the four hotels, very low price but rather basic.

Travel Lodge, Upper Brook Street
(a bit further out but only 20 minutes walk)
This is new and seems reasonably priced.

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