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Sven will tell us about the OpenJPEG Version 1.4 TIFF (Grayscale/RGB) to JP2 conversion workflow he added to the SCAPE group on myExperiment.



The underlying SOAP web service is password protected (basic http authentication). You can find the web service WSDL for this service here:

When you execute the workflow, for the first time you will be asked to define a password for the credential manager, subsequently you will be prompted for the above mentioned credentials which will then be stored in Tavernas credential manager. In the next sesssions you will only have to use the credential manager password which then uses the stored user-password pair. Please make sure you have JCE installed, for your convenience, you can find the required jar files with installation instructions here:

Please let Sven (or Alex) know if you have difficulties using this workflow.

A last note related to JPEG 2000: The "precinct" parameter is ommited, because OpenJPEG always crashed for my installation when using this parameter.

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